Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Alexis Tsipras' New 5-Year Plan

Well, my question is: where can I find this plan???

According to news reports, PM Alexis Tsipras had outlined this plan in a speech at the Acropolis Museum a few days ago. With great interest, I read that the plan would aim "at fair growth, at productive reconstruction, at boosting policies to put an end to the vicious circle of recession and unemployment and at redistributing burdens and wealth".

Ok, that sounds good. Reminds me a bit of SYRIZA's first and second Economic Manifesto.

I assume that, before long, we will receive details about the plan which the PM has announced. Or perhaps not? 


  1. Syriza is not capable of implementing a five-day plan. I expect in a few months there will be a new round of negotiations with quadrica and requests of a political solution so that they get the next round of bail out money.

    Can you expect more from people that have never worked in their lives?

  2. Don't hold your breath.

  3. Sorry, Tsipras is busy changing the constitution and the election laws. Anyhow, he is not a fan of yours, he has today expressed his displeasure with the(your)obsession with foreign investment.

    1. If he feels that he can get all the necessary funding and - much more importantly - all the necessary know-how domestically, power to him!

  4. Let's be completely honest with ourselves.

    There is only one plan. It is a plan of the elite, quadrica and our politicians play only one simple role. The plan is to privatize everything, sell off as much public property, upgrade the tax system even further, free the market completely, improve checks and balances of the government, impoverish the people on all levels and scales, import American work social standards (not eu standards) and until this is done tax the hell out of everything. When this is done within another 2 years, then there will be an election and ND will win with a growth plan.

    See Tsipras, regardless of how much he not liked, can pass measure after measure without a hair being raised because he is a leftist. And people believe that he is doing the best possible social moral decision making vs what a rightist would do. Meanwhile he has all the unions and radicals in his pocket hence there is no uproar. So everybody take deep breathe and swallow.

    Syriza has one good competent skill and that is to survive and pass measures, where no other Greek government could do. Aside from that they are useless. Like tits on a bull. When the time comes they will be hanged out to dry. I just simply hope that there will still be some meat left in Greece before they cut out all the fat.


  5. The only plan Mr. Tsipras and his cronies have is to remain in power as long as possible, so that he can put in place enough of his cronies and legislate enough laws to tilt the elctoral system to his favor. Exactly the same intentions and practices of his predecessors in governing Greece.

  6. I don't understand your worry about know-how. If it's true what Nikos Dimou say they should be about par with the rest of Europe.

  7. Yes, more power to him, he will need it to explain why there will be no more Range Rovers and Iphones. It should comfort him that FDI has dropped from 35 BIO to 17,5 BIO from 2010 to 2015. Further, that in 2015 there was a disinvestment of 300 MIO. Of cause Tsipras don't want FDI, it reduces the states absolute control , he wants grants distributed via the state.
    PS. Klaus, in my case different familiarity, I live and work in corrupt Attica, you are semi-retired in innocent Macedonia. It is not so much the eyes that see or how much, but the view point.

  8. Many countries spy on each other to find out the plans of the other counties. No country spy on Greece.