Monday, December 7, 2015

Ten Tips About Greece!

This listing of Ten Tips about Greece was published almost 3 months ago but it would not hurt anyone to re-read it every once in a while. These bullet points were prepared shortly before the last election of September. It concludes:
  • If the left wing SYRIZA is re-elected, which is more likely, then the outlook is more complicated.
  • They may decide to play by the rules, restore growth, and then try to implement a more ideological agenda.
  • This would give everybody breathing space.
  • But on the other hand, they may not want to govern within the constraints of the Agreement, or even, I would say, within the constraints of reality.
  • If so, then we will have more turbulence.
  • We will find out soon.
Well, 'soon' can be a very long time...


  1. Thank You Mr. Kastner,

    I very much liked the sections about the compressed spring. Personally, in my work i compress and release many spring which indeed multiply within the greek economy. It has done much good for the company i work for. It is the one thing aside from my family that gives me some personal pride.

    On the other hand, everything else, the glum outlook in everything else in the country is just so depressing. I try to ignore it but it is really difficult not to. Just hearing so many lies and new measures and new taxes and new assualts, rather than restructuring sometimes i wonder if even us good compressed spring will be smothered out by this completely imcompitant government.

    I have told you on occasions in the past that i supported all my governments of the past even though i held different views. Well Alexis is the only government which i can fairly say that he needs to go and disappear. I never really lived the true glory days of Pasok nor did i have any idea of what true leftist social government meant. we have a leftist socialistic governement being forced to swallow medicine and spitting it in throats of the healthy people of this greek society. They are simply pathetic.

    Why oh why didn't angela support Antonis 2 summers ago. Why angela why? Things would be so much different now.

    The article also mentions privatizations. Last time i heard of these privatization moving in place was July when Syriza said okay to this. Since then they have been properly sweeped under the rug.


  2. Mr. Kastner,

    I stand corrected on the privatizations. I guess the news has kept things quiet on purpose. In greek but the deal is signed on airports.

    Ports are in lag but in discussions.


  3. Aristos Doxiadis posted a new version, equally good, written together with Prof. Karl-Heinz Paqué:

    I am less supportive of their creation of a “bad bank” funded by the unused 10bn EUR: the added capital would be a "nice to have" cushion to delay further the implementation of a much needed NPL resolution framework.