Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Marxist Will Vote For Dimiourgia, Xana!

My neighbor and best friend Yiannis, the intellectual Marxist, told me this evening that he will vote for Thanos Tzimeros tomorrow. Thanos who?, I asked him. Of the dimiourgia, xana! party, Yiannis educated me. He had seen an interview with Tzimeros who, according to Yiannis, was the only candidate who talked about specific numbers and facts when it came to savings in the public sector and where. And then I remembered.

I had come across dimiourgia, xana! back in June 2012 and was most impressed by what I could find out about them. So much common sense and reasonableness! On June 16, 2012, the day before the election, I wrote an article where I recommended the following to Alexis Tsipras:

"Vote for dimiourgia, xana! and get your entire movement to vote for them so that they can form the next government on their own. Give them about 20 years' time. When they are done, you run for the office of Prime Minister yourself. You will still be younger than Andreas Papandreou was when he became Prime Minister the first time. And after 20 years of dimiourgia, xana! you will have so much of other people's money at your disposal that you can easily waste it for another 20 years and build your place in Greek history books!"

I had not realized that dimiourgia, xana! was still around, much less that they are competing in tomorrow's election. The sad fact that a party like this gets literally no attention from Greek voters would suggest that it's not only the Greek politicians who are to blame for Greece' mess but also the Greek voters who ignore forces which support common sense and reasonableness.

It speaks for my friend Yiannis that his ideological orientation does not prevent him from recognizing common sense and reasonableness!


  1. Boo Ha Ha Ha (Halloween Party)

  2. Mr. Kastner,

    You are really in my mind. Truely. I like that becaus it means we are observing things similarly.

    On my way to the boat yestrday I heard Dimourgia Xana interview. I was amazed. He discussed in detail all the issues, outspoken of what needs to be done regardless.

    Without a doubt regardless of the hard measures his plan states i would vote for him 100%.

    I did not vote for him though because his chance of coming into the parliment limited. I gave my vote to Potami which is something "Like" Dimrougia Xana.


  3. Either the pollsters (everywhere) have a serious bug in there methodologies or in their technologies or those 'polled' are not telling 'the truth'.

    I'm hearing SYRIZA (now minus its left faction) + ANEL will have a 'working' majority.

    Tsipras is apparently triumphant and hinting at 'negotiating' new agreement's with creditors - deja-vu.


    1. Pollsters, at least the mainstream smeel from head to toe. Although their meddling did help the consolidation of vote to mainstream parties which is good and bad. Good that it kicked out the new left wing government, bad that it also conslidated votes to mainstream parties which barely do anything. Likewise it gave Golden Dawn even more MP's int he new parliment.

      Syriza + Anel, without the leftists with the support of ND, will pass the first traunch of measures. I have stated that these are the most vital.

      Privatisations, tax & statistical agency authority dettached from the government. Some tax adjustments.

      If we get through till January, I hope we will be with this government for 3-4 years to make the changes enforced by Troika.


  4. Whow, you don't have to agree with all of it but it is the closest I have seen to a Greek political program, and most of it makes sense to me. Buuut, it's a hard sell in a populist country.

    1. Hi Lennard,

      Very very true. So you can understand they get very little TV/Radio air time. I believe the media also do not want to promote them because their program is to change everything. Like i Have written before all greek want change, but change to happen to their neighbor and not them.

      I heard them 2 days before the elections. Had they had some kind of media support they would make parliment. You do nto even see advertisements or paper billets of them anywhere. As it is illegal, regardless if the other ruling parties do it. They believe it is outdated, a waste of paper and contributes to pollution.

      What was the most impressive was the pension plan they have. We pay 28 bil annually for pensions. Currently their are people with 10 pensions. All pension systems will be consolidated into one pension, with minimum pension of 750 euros per month and maximum 2000 euro per month, until the crisis is over. Those with high pensions above 2000 euro, the difference will be deffered to them through the issuance of a governement bond of 10 years, an estimation of time out of the crisis. They also would implement the Australian pension law that if you have an annual income above 100,000 euro annually you do not get a pension, but you are not taxed under the normal bracket but at a lesser percent. The whole program they described is a pensions system which is fair across the board.

      As for my predictions, i was right about ND getting above 30%, but i feel off the mark on Syriza under 20%.

      I am glad Leventis of Centralist made the parliment.



    2. ND getting above 30%? They got 28.09!