Monday, November 10, 2014

Greek Media - Corruption, Clientelism and Censorship

Michael Nevradakis has compiled an 8-part series about corruption, clientelism and censorship in Greece's media landscape in the blog truthout. I take the liberty of linking these articles below.

Nr. 1: Corruption, Clientelism and Censorship in Greece's Media Landscape


  1. It's funny to see people complaining that the shutdown of a station of 3% viewership amounts to censorship. Nobody bothered with ERT and now we learn that its shutdown hurt rural areas and diaspora. I am writing this and laugh.

    Even worse, only in Greece, people turn to the government, which they correctly accuse of Clientelistm/Corruption/Censorship to get it to run an independent TV/radio station.

    Oh, the irony...

  2. Did not read and will not read these articles. Yet it is interesting to see so much zeal to characterize in a negative manner the effects of a political problem and not try to understand the cause of it. Is it a need to feel superior, I wonder..?

  3. Seeing this years after the fact but both of the commenters above are 1) morons, and 2) part of the problem in Greece. I bet they gush over covid fascism now too.