Sunday, September 28, 2014

Greece's Media Landscape - A Chronicle

The author of these articles calls them 'a series of articles which chronicle the long history of corruption, lawlessness and censorship in Greece's media and journalism landscapes". To an uninformed outsider like myself, they are interesting reading which is why I publish them without comment from my part. This is part II. 

19 Sep 14: Corruption, Clientelism and Censorship in Greece's Media Landscape

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  1. There is a difference between an opinionated narration and a "chronicle".

    Not that the general context isn't such, but the author can't hide his political affiliation (a common problem in greek websites).

    "Few people realized that the stage was being set for one of the darkest moments in Greek media history and a precursor of ERT's sudden shutdown, which was to come 12 years later."

    I think this can only be explained as a fruit of a ideological imagination. I think it is hilarious to imply that 12 years before, for a law PASOK voted, someone could or should have "realized" that this was done to stage the shut down of ERT after the bankruptcy by ND goverment that couldn't find another quick way to lay off personnel of the public sector.

    This is "beyond conspiracy".