Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mayor of London - "UK should copy Germany!"

Against the background of seemingly unlimited Germany-bashing, I found this article by the Mayor of London quite cheerful.

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  1. There is a problem here. The UK does not have a culture where bosses and workers trust each other. In the UK it's way too easy to sack someone, so making lots of money for yourself is your only defence.

    This essential lack of trust - something I noticed when I was still at uni - has never been changed. In fact Britain even tells others that a company is leaner and meaner when it can hire and fire willy-nilly.

    Only it undermines trust.

    The kind of trust that a German boss has in their workforce: the kind of trust the German worker allows by doing a good job.

    Only the problems start when people start abusing this trust. The Germans are a little too trusting and there's too little in Britain. As to Greece ...