Thursday, February 21, 2013

NZZ reports on foreign investment in Greece

As far as I can determine, the venerable NZZ is the only European paper which has made major news out of the fact that foreign investors are beginning to again show an interest in Greece. This article highlights the investments which have been discussed in this blog several times:

Johnson & Johnson

A momentum has to develop. The above investments could turn out to be the catalysts of a change in trend but much more is required. What is required above all is that Greek media and opinion leaders spread the news that foreign investment is good and that foreign investment is something without which Greece will not have a positive future perspective!

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  1. Greek Government is doing its bit, sort of - Invest in Greece SA

    I say 'sort of', because its item on Sunlight is a copy from - which was even more miserly than the one at eKathi.