Friday, December 21, 2012

The number 1 OECD-recommendation for Greece

I came across the OECD Public Governance Review of Greece, specifically its Executive Summary and its Key Recommendations.

And what is the number 1 key recommendation? Here it is:

Key finding: There is no evident overall strategic vision to provide purpose and direction to the long-term future of the Greek society and economy, as well as for the short-, medium- and long-term measures to be implemented. 

Key recommendation: It is striking that there is no strategic and shared vision of where Greece wants to take its society and its economy. It means that public, media and internal government attention is unhelpfully focused on fiscal issues, with no sense of a broader agenda. There is no clear central steering, clear ownership of reforms, or accountability for results. At the core of its administration, Greece desperately needs a high-level structure which has the authority, responsibility and capacity to lead the development of a strategic vision and direction for public policies, and the effective implementation of this vision in practice and over time.

I have nothing to add to that because this has been one of the key themes since the start of this blog.


  1. I recall seeing the report last year, but I didn't clip it, so I forgot about it. The OECD site gives a list of Press Reviews, Germany 5, Britain 1, Greece 0 :sigh:

    The TGFR report mentions an "Institution for Growth for Greece" which is an initiative from the Ministry of Development on which the Task Force is providing expertise.

    It would appear to be on the right track in addressing some of the OECD findings. But I cant find anything other that whats in the TFGR reports. Maybe someone who can read/write Greek can find something.

    I'm guessing that its based on sources such as this from the World Bank ==>> [url=]Institution Building and Growth
    in Transition Economies[/url]

    AJ are broadcasting a new interview with Alexis Tsipras on their Talk to Al Jazeera programme. He almost makes sense, especially on the failings of the political culture. Its a pity he can't embrace things like the OECD & TFGR suggestions etc and drop the 'its all a neo-liberal plot' rhetoric.


    1. I don't know whether you have read the several pieces which I have done on Alexis Tsipras but I have said from the start that a lot of the things he says, I call them 'soundbites', are exactly the right soundbites. I can fully understand why he draws so many supporters, particularly among the educated young. I strongly recommended that the established political leadership should copy some of those soundbites. If Tsipras didn't have that hang-up about the market-based economy and if he gave up his total belief in the ultimate power of the state to solve all problems, he might be quite good for Greece. I once said: if Alexis Tsipras had a twin brother who had as much economic common sense as Tsipras has political talent, and if both teamed up, that might be a solution for Greece.

  2. I assume that "Europe", as the helping Force, knows this and has the collective of brainpower needed to wake up the sleeping brains of the Greeks. To sharpen them. To make them aware.

    The reality is so overwhelming much, detailed and complex that it will take decades before the complete reality of Greece is there as Truth.

    I do want to believe that they, the people of the EU-team, have enough inner Force to do this incredible difficult job, and are persistent in their will.
    To be strong enough to watch the failures, to match up to the resistance, the not being understood, to be cursed, damned and humiliated, rejected. And go on anyway.

    "Europe" also needs other Europeans, "common" Europeans, to cooperate and create one big mental power. The power of thinking the same, all together, is incredible strong. Not only Greeks do not know what is going on. Too many Europeans do not know either. I, me, myself, did not know it... Politics and Economy were far far away from what I believed that could work. Politics had proved that they do NOT work. so: I did not follow any news anymore. I got frustrated and depressed of it. But I am back.

    I wrote to the European Commission yesterday, to ask for a Greek translation of all what has been written and published. It is incredible that nobody has thought about it.
    It is a MUST that the Greek language is there as well.
    Then they can understand it better. Not all Greeks can read or speak English, French or German.....

    I go on with making videos. I will add the Greek text later, when the European Commission has the Greek translations......
    For me counts the same: I am not allowed to give up. Nobody.

    >>New video: The Task Force for Greece, part 3 ~ Question: How exactly is the Task Force assisting?

    1. You are making good videos! Are you going to put this third one on Twitter also so that I can retweet it?

    2. It is there! :)
      @EU_Commission @_christianak @kleingut @ioulialibera @AthensNewsEU How exactly is the #Task_Force (TFGR) assisting?

      Today another one.
      Part 4.