Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ekathimerini - On Mr. Samaras

Mr. Samaras is quoted by The Economist as “insisting on tax cuts to boost growth, and on an amnesty for illegal buildings that could then be taxed”. That, Sir, is not an economic plan to get the private sector going again. At best, it is a Reagan-like mantra hoping that voters will fall for it. For sure, you discredit the fine American institutions where you received your education when you say such, pardon me, silly things.

Tax cuts affect only those who are paying taxes. No current tax cheater will start paying taxes simply because they have been lowered. And illegal buildings don’t have to be “amnestized” in order to find them and have them taxed. Just open your eyes and you will see them all over Greek soil (and if that is not enough, use GoogleEarth to find all the illegal roof-top swimming pools!).

Sir, I take it that your party represents the conservative point of view. One would assume that such a party knows how business ticks. The economy will never grow significantly if there is no investment. Investment never takes place unless it finds an investor-friendly economic framework. Please explain to your fellow country men and women that wealthy Greeks have billions and billions of Euros in foreign bank accounts which are only there (and not in Greece) because Greece, with all her bureaucracy, cronyism and corruption, is scaring that money away. And if you seek a place in history, don’t waste your time playing petty politics but, instead, use your own brains and the best other brains you can find to develop a plan for an investor-friendly economy!

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