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Sunday, May 17, 2015

An Example Of Brain Drain

“You hear so many unbelievable stories. I have tried before to deal with government officials, not of one party but of all parties, and I have not seen results. And I honestly believe that there are not a lot of people in Greece who are thinking about Greece. They are thinking about themselves and feel that if they’re OK, then Greece will be OK. That’s not how it works. You need to take care of the country first. The private sector does not have time to waste. Every minute counts. I decided that all my efforts would be to help Greek entrepreneurs.”

Such are the words of a Greek who emigrated to the US 40 years ago. Less than a year ago, he motivated another Greek, a PhD aged 34, to move to the US with his start-up company which managed to become one of 25 finalists for awards in creative innovation. That Greek is a former academic and research assistant at the International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki.

Details are in this article from the Ekathimerini.


  1. When a plant or tree, though it has all the capacities in the genes to grow, is not planted on the right spot: out of the sunlight, not enough space and also: in a wrong environment, even the strongest plant will die, or less worse: grow very little, and stay small.

    The same with human beings. Nature is a metaphor for the human being, an example, a lesson. Human beings ARE natural beings.
    The inner call of life for development and self-realisation is missing in too many Greeks, those, as mentioned in the post here, who do not care for the whole, only for the self: in another way as the one who searches for self-realisation, somewhere else. Self-realisation has nothing to do with selfishness.
    In fact we are even more than a citizen of just a country, we are world citizens, and if we do not realise that we, human beings, will finally be a lost species.

    So, it IS a matter of higher intelligence that the one decides to search it where the possibilities ARE, leaves Greece, in this case, and make all true, what is inside as knowledge, like the nut of the Walnut-tree is already knowing itself as the mature Walnut-tree, in all its potentials.
    Human beings are like trees. Or like a Waterlily, that has its roots deep down under in the "dirty" mud, but knows where the light is, and grows, and is flowering in all its beauty. Human beings are like flowers.

    It is a lack of that higher, or: deeper, intelligence. The most Greeks are still on the level of the lower intelligence, or kept there, by psychological indoctrination of industries, media and society; lack of the right education in a higher, deeper awareness than the one sided ratio; education that is based on destructive competition, with a lack of development of creativity: and therefore not having become aware that within the whole, named Greece, the world, they will never be able to grow as it could, they will never be the one who they are already, deep within.

    Worse, that they finally will give up, depressed, and blaming others.

    1. Are there no psychiatrists where you currently reside?