Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dismantle the Task Force For Greece?

Reuters reports that officials have told them that the new leftist government refused to cooperate with the EU Task Force for Greece (TFGR). "The Greek government is keeping contact with the task force but we don't collaborate with them," Reuters cites an official.

I do hope that there is a misunderstanding. After a recent Tsipras-Juncker meeting, it was announced that the TFGR would be restructured with the aim of making it more of a Greek task force supported by the EU instead of a perceived 'EU occupation force'. Thus, the Greek government would make itself the 'owner' of the project to reform Greece with the support of the EU. That seemed very plausible to me and I had recommended that in my various articles about the TFGR.

The new tone sounds differently. Reuters talks about an 'Athens protest against the TFGR'; about 'Athens giving the TFGR the cold shoulder'; about 'dismantling the TFGR'

This is too early to pass judgment on what's going on here. I have always argued that the TFGR was the best thing that could be offered to Greece provided that Greece would take advantage of these resources. Should the new government reject these resources, I would be short of ideas as to how one can further trust the competence and judgment of the new government.


  1. Systematically all power goes to the "leading" government. In fact this government is one big anarchic movement, destroying all what has been built up, and avoiding any kind of influence from outside to stop this catastrophe what they, "the government", consider as the way to create a future for Greece.

    The old channel ERT is back, and on the most important post is taken by a Syriza person. Lately I read an alarming post by Hugo Dixon (the New York Times), in which he speaks about the "coincidental" change of the highest post in two Greek banks: two people have been replaced by Syriza people.
    It looks more and more that Greece is in the web of Evil, that has its hands on all who are in the web, a power system that can be compared with a dictatorial state.
    All "they" (Syriza) promised to clean Greek from: rousfetia, clientelism, etc. can/will experience a new spring within this new Greek state.

    This state, inside of EU, will dismantle EU completely, finally.
    I hope EU piliticians have studied enough psychology: without psychology not any political move will be a clever one.

    The situation in Greece is dangerous and I am really surprised that until now not any Greek has protested against this. At the same time: TV stations Mega and the new ERT are in fact Syriza media, and they can make the people believe what they want them to believe. I hope that Greeks also listen to broadcasters from abroad, and read the world news papers, or this blog.
    This is the reason that I collect everything in my "Fond Of Greek" google+
    To offer the possibility for all to read more than a To Vima, or watching only Mega and that new Syriza ERT.

    Greeks cannot say later: "Wir haben es nicht gewusst!" All have internet and mostly they spend time to share some nice tourist photos there, or music, food, but not politics. They bury their head in the sand.
    But: they cannot blame Europe, only themselves. It is a choice to bury the head in the sand.
    Why should we feel pity for a people that does not take own responsibilities and the democratic freedom of speech, of writing and protesting?

    We, EU, have our own responsibility: we have to stay in balance with what is making a future at least possible, with those who want.

    Greece does NOT want. Their government's words can be "yes", but that "yes" is a lie: the government proves it with its PM's and politician's acts, and never ending delays, their impolite behavior, their propaganda.

    It is a pity, because as a common-sense-human-being, I am just expecting more disaster, and the finally real humanitarian crisis there. Not created by Germany, EU, or other blamed countries, but by PM and his FinMin, his total government: filled with evil minds, psychopaths, anarchists, creating death and disaster, evil.

    The only way out of this soon coming hell is, indeed, The Task Force For Greece.
    I am afraid that only hell can awaken Greece.
    The Wall of the "No!" of Europe against this insanity that is growing daily is a bitter but needed pill to create at least a sane, healthy Greece.

    It is up to Greece. To each single Greek, to speak or not to speak.
    To protest, or not to protest.
    Time is running out.

  2. The TFGR was all about creating strong independent institutions. No populist government (left or right) want that. they want the institutions to be directly controlled by the "elected" government, not by laws, rules and the constitution. Greek political culture has not changed.

    1. This is how the TFGR had defined itself at the outset:

      "The Task Force is a resource at the disposal of the Greek authorities as they seek to build a modern and prosperous Greece: a Greece characterised by economic opportunity and social equity, and served by an efficient administration with a strong public service ethos".

  3. In politics of this level half of the activities goes into sneaky disinformation of the international press. For this reason ordinary mortal human beings are not in a position which allows understanding the much more important hidden agendas of all actors.

    Only when new irrefutable facts are created, we can readjust analytical thinking.

    Neither the Greek government nor the other parts of EU or it's institutions currently show their real intentions. It is waste of time trying to read tea leaves.