Friday, December 28, 2012

Watch out for January 11, 2013 at 22 hrs!

I have a friend who is a Brit aged around 70 and who has worked in banking in about 16 countries. He is married to a Greek and has been residing in Greece off and on for the last 40 years and permanently for the last 10 years. He is one of those old-boy-guys who displays seemingly unlimited wisdoms on practically everything. I love to listen to his opinions.

Over the last few years, I have been incredibly impressed by his good judgement on Greek issues. I won't say that he has never been wrong but it seems to me that he has almost always been right.

In June of this year, he told me that I should look out for Friday, January 11, 2013. Why? Because, he said, on that day Greece would announce its exit from the Eurozone. I downplayed his judgement by saying that anybody could predict a day but what I would want to know is the exact hour. That's when he committed to 22 hrs on that day.

So here we go. The world did not come to an end on December 21. We'll now see whether Greece exits the Eurozone on January 11, 2013 at 22 hrs.

My friend's reasoning was interesting. Remember that in June of this year, everyone was predicting a Grexit within months; certainly before the end of the year. My friend argued that a Grexit would have to happen when nobody expected it.

He said that, by year-end, most of the tough decisions would have been taken. The negotiations with the Troika would be over; the overdue tranche would be disbursed; the fears of a Grexit would have died down; the Eurozone would have calmed down. Only, the Greek government would meanwhile have become convinced that Greece could not make it within the Eurozone.

Thus, the Grexit would be announced on the first possible date in 2013. It would have to be a Friday evening. Friday the 4th would still be in the holiday season, so that wouldn't be a good fit. Friday the 11th would be the first 'regular' Friday in 2013.

So, as New Years' Eve approaches, many people feel like making bets. If you believe what my friend is saying, bet on a Grexit on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 22 hrs. And even if you don't believe it, place the bet anyway. If you win, everyone will consider you a genius and if you lose, no one will find out.

Except, don't place that bet with me!


  1. Thank you for this hint. Thoughtful. Even though I don't think, that it will turn out reality.

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  2. This all sounds too dangerous. Which means it is possible. With your preceding posts on the Greek turnaround, I do see a Greek exit as a possibility. Though what good it will do the Greeks is anyone's guess. Sure, they will rid themselves of their debts, but those have been effectively dealt with by Germany for some time.

    The problems won't be for Greece of course. Perhaps they have learned their lesson and gotten their ducks in a row.

    It is the rest of the Eurozone that will suffer. What is almost certain is that Germany and the states with social and financial structures that are as robust. A Greek default would do serious damage to German banks, only German politicians are tougher creatures than their Anglo-Saxon relatives. It will take a lot to destabilize Germany. It won't take much to destabilize some other countries whose banking relies more on sleight of hand than sensible lending.

    Because there is much talk about a union across Asia, which would make a great deal of sense.

    With this in mind, the rest of the Eurozone would be left to twiddle its thumbs and wonder what to do with all the airports and bridges they built.

    There will be some shadowy characters who will profit from this either way.

  3. To predict, foretell, is possible with tendencies, not with time as days, hours, years... because all what has to do with time is connected with earthly measures, not cosmic ones. Predicting, feeling, is connected with universe and universal energy, it is a kind of Love Energy from a Higher Intelligence.
    Foretelling what might come is creating also an expectation in the other, something in the mind, and some people believe so much that things will happen because somebody foretold it that it happens: the power of the mind is creating a special energy what influences other energy fields: realize that ALL is energy. Everything is energy. Even a stone. Foretelling can only be very precise when the person who foretells is completely clean from a lower selfish instinctive havaiour, free from fear, free from any selfish wish. Completely neutral.

    I am so sure about the not working of numbers in predictions that I can foretell here that this is one of the moments that your friend is wrong.
    And this (my) prediction will become true :)
    I love Greece, and Europe as well, also what is the tendency of Evolution: all will be one again after dividing everything into subtle details, parts, as gass, plasma, and finally matter, even peoples have been divided, natural land has been divided into countries, states. The big bang explosion was an outgoing energy, the natural pulse is already in the phase of turning back, inward again, to the Oneness, the Wholeness. Even Healing belongs to Wholeness. The word Holy is from Whole, to be Complete again.

    All peoples search automatically for it, it is an inner call to follow this tendency, a natural evolutionary energy, a drive, and one Europe belongs to that process.
    Greece, as a sensitive peopled country, will follow that call more than any other.
    I feel that call also and create videos, to support that feeling, to stimulate it in others, and use music and sceneries that create a positive thinking.

    People are fascinated when it is about numbers, that belongs to the phase of Matter, materialism, all matter can be easily measured. Even the number of videos will create curiosity and help to watch, to awaken them for what is going on and getting interested.
    This is my personal inner drive, my following up my micro process within the macro process, the evolution and the oneness of mankind.

    I am a Beethoven fan, believe in his Ninth Symphony.

    1. What a comment!
      Happy New year ahead To all.